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Maheen Academy offers convenient online Quran classes for individuals of all ages. Our experienced Male & Female teachers provide personalized instruction to help you understand and appreciate the teachings of the Quran. Join us today and embark on a spiritual journey like no other.



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We've Started Courses From Home

For Kids and Young adults aged 9 and up. (classes will be held online using the platform).
Our courses are designed to educate and empower our children with the requisite knowledge of their religion in the light of a changing world. Our courses and classes are categorized such as Qur’an With Tajweed, Hadees, Islamic History and many more.

During this pandemic we are offering online classes to our students. All classes will be taught online by well Qualified Islamic Teachers from Monday to Thursday.

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About us

Maheen Academy is a leading online Quran learning academy that provides high-quality Quran education to students of all ages. With our team of dedicated male and female tutors, interactive classes, and flexible timings, we make Quran learning accessible to everyone, anywhere, and on any device.

Our online Quran learning academy provides expert tutors, flexible schedules, and personalized lessons to help you deepen your understanding of the Quran from the comfort of your own home. Enroll today and embark on a transformative journey of knowledge and spirituality.

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Family Discount Package

At Simplified, we understand that families often face financial challenges when it comes to affording tuition fees. That's why we have designed our Fee Packages to be as affordable as possible.


As part of our Family Discount Package, we offer a 20% tuition discount to the 2nd sibling and subsequent children of a family. This discount is our way of acknowledging and supporting families who have multiple children enrolled in our programs.

To make the payment process convenient, we accept fee payments via PayPal. You can easily pay using your credit or debit cards through the PayPal platform.

We believe that education should be accessible to all, and our Family Discount Package is just one of the ways we strive to make that possible.

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Interactive Classes

Our interactive classes are designed to engage students and create an immersive learning experience. Through multimedia tools, interactive exercises, and real-time feedback, students can actively participate and grasp Quranic knowledge effectively.

One-on-One Classes

At Maheen Academy, we believe in personalized learning. Our one-on-one classes ensure that each student receives individual attention from our qualified tutors. This approach allows for customized teaching methods and fosters a strong student-teacher relationship.

Anywhere, Any Device

With our online learning platform, students can access their Quran classes from anywhere in the world and on any device. Whether you prefer learning on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, we've got you covered!

Female Quran Teachers

For those who prefer female Quran teachers, Maheen Academy offers a team of highly qualified and experienced female instructors. We understand the importance of providing a comfortable learning environment and cater to the specific needs of our female students.

Adjustable Timings

We understand the busy schedules of our students. Therefore, we offer flexible timings to accommodate their needs. Whether you're a working professional, a student, or a homemaker, you can easily find a class schedule that suits your availability.

Individual Learning

Our Quran teaching methodology focuses on individual learning. Each student progresses at their own pace, allowing them to fully grasp the intricacies of the Quranic teachings. Our tutors provide personalized guidance and support to ensure optimal learning outcomes.

Key Features and Benefits

Unlock the beauty of the Quran with Maheen Academy. We strive to provide a modern and user-friendly platform for individuals seeking to deepen their relationship with the Quran. With our comprehensive offerings and flexible learning options, you can embark on a transformative journey at your own pace.

Alternatively, you can contact our friendly support team for any further inquiries.

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What Our Students Say

Maheen Academy has been a game-changer for me. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and supportive, and the online platform is user-friendly. Highly recommended!

Yousuf Ayubi .

I am amazed by the level of personal attention I receive at Maheen Academy. The teachers go above and beyond to ensure my understanding of the Quran. Thank you!

Amina Ali .

Maheen Academy provides an exceptional online Quran learning experience. The interactive lessons and comprehensive curriculum have greatly enhanced my understanding of the Quran


I have tried a few online Quran learning platforms, but Maheen Academy stands out. The teachers are patient and skilled, making the learning process enjoyable..

Bin-Ya-Meen .

Being a working professional, the flexibility offered by Maheen Academy is invaluable. I can learn at my own pace without compromising on the quality of teaching.

Yasir Baz .

Maheen Academy has made Quran learning accessible for me and my family. We appreciate the dedication and expertise of the teachers. Truly remarkable!

Frough Aslami .


Frequently Asked Questions

Maheen Academy is an online platform that offers convenient Quran classes for individuals of all ages. We provide personalized instruction from experienced male and female teachers to help you understand and appreciate the teachings of the Quran.

Joining Maheen Academy is easy. Simply visit our website and click on the “Join Now” button. Fill out the registration form and choose the class and schedule that suits you best. Once your registration is complete, our team will contact you to confirm your enrollment.

At Maheen Academy, we have a team of experienced male and female teachers who are well-versed in the teachings of the Quran. Our teachers have a deep understanding of Tajweed (Quranic recitation rules) and are skilled in providing personalized instruction to students of all levels.

All our classes at Maheen Academy are conducted live. This allows for real-time interaction between the teacher and the student, creating a more engaging and effective learning experience. We believe that live classes provide the best opportunity for students to ask questions and receive immediate feedback.


Yes, at Maheen Academy, we offer flexible scheduling options. When you register, you can choose the class timings that are most convenient for you. We understand that everyone has different schedules, and we strive to accommodate your needs as much as possible.

To attend the classes at Maheen Academy, you will need a stable internet connection and a device such as a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. We use video conferencing software to conduct our classes, so having a webcam and microphone is also recommended for better interaction with the teacher.

Yes, we offer a trial period for new students. You can try out our classes for a certain number of sessions to see if it meets your expectations. If you are not satisfied, we also have a money-back guarantee policy. Please refer to our website or contact our support team for more details.

Absolutely! Maheen Academy welcomes students of all ages. We have separate classes for children and adults, ensuring that the teaching methods and content are appropriate for each age group. Our teachers are experienced in working with children and will provide a nurturing and engaging learning environment.

If you have any further inquiries or need more information, you can reach out to us through our website’s contact form or email us at [email protected] Our support team will be happy to assist you and provide the necessary information.